Curriculum, Décor & More for Progressive Children´s Church & Sunday School.

We tell the Bible stories in the context of the eras in which they were written.
Written for Churches who seek Christian Education for their children that is Bible based inclusive and gender balanced. The original text is honored and adapted to be easily understood by children from Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

Illustrated PowerPoint Lessons


The central focus of the curriculum is in the PowerPoint stories that are drawn in a combination of colorful styles, from Grecian Urns to modern cartoons. The lessons contain an average of 30 slides, each complete with narration text to be read and discussed by the teacher. PowerPoint allows teachers the freedom to pause and take questions or comments during the telling of the story.
After the story, a Discussion Guide is provided with questions designed to stimulate thoughts about its modern applications in the lives of the young students. Coloring Sheets with line illustrations from the presentations are also handed out, especially for the benefit of the younger members of the group.
Summaries and observations of the stories, from a parent’s point of view are provided, as well. These are written in the form of promotional announcements of upcoming children’s curriculum to be used in church bulletins or web sites.

Supplementary Materials


Beyond the fully Scripted & Illustrated PowerPoints, we offer other extensive Discussion and Coloring Sheets. These printable handouts come in packages of 10 to be used by students in classes, with their parents in the pews, or in home studies. They consist of conversation guides, quizzes, more coloring sheets and short stories designed to immerse children in knowledge of Bible truths, both from tradition and from Scripture.

Bible and World History Timeline


This Wall-­‐mounted Time Line is an extremely valuable tool for helping children understand the number of years between the out time in history and the times the stories of the Bible were told or written. The top half of the linear history highlights the stories of Scripture, beginning at the time of Sarah and Abraham 4,000 years ago. Events and people are illustrated through Hebrew Scripture, Greek Scripture, and the 2,000 years of church tradition that followed up until our modern times. The bottom half of the Time Line records the parallel history and events of the rest of the world, including the beginnings of other great world religions. The art style of this learning tool is complementary to the PowerPoints.

Pictures for Framing


Another series of Pictures for Framing feature the Most Famous Stories of Jesus’ Life along with other events of both the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. We see Jesus welcoming the children and turning water into wine, along with Lydia and Paul as Greek Scripture examples and from the Hebrew Scriptures, Jonah and the Great Fish, the family of the Great Flood, the Chariots of Fire and many others. We are continually adding to these pictures and posting new ones on our Web page.

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